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Q: How do I buy a kitchen? 

A: Every kitchen (or any room remodel) is unique but the process remains the same. The first step is to meet in our design center. Come prepared with as many details as you can. A rough hand sketch with approximate measurements is a great starting point, or even pictures on your phone of the space. The goal of the initial meeting is to determine if we are a good fit for your project and to get a ball park estimate of the cost of your project. This is easier to establish in our design center so that we are able to talk about samples and comparisons to better determine your needs and make more educated decisions.

The next step is a retainer fee of 5% of the project cost. The retainer secures your projects time frame as well as the designers time to work with you on the layout and design elements. During this stage the designer will come to your home for measurements along with many thoughtful conversations to cover every detail of the project. You will be presented with a detailed 3D image of your project along with an exact cost. *Half of the retainer fee is to be applied to your invoice balance should you decide to move forward.*

The next step is a 60% deposit. Once deposit is received the implementation process begins. Depending on the size and scope of your project processing can take 3-5 days. Once processing is complete you’ll be presented with a schedule of work to include demo, installation, and completion dates.

During installation we take tremendous pride in treating your home with respect, our livelihood depends on it, and we have many past clients you may speak with regarding their experience with us. The next payment of 30% is made upon start of installation.

Once your creative vision is now realized in your home you go through a walk through with your designer and determine if all aspects and details are complete. Only once your completely satisfied with your experience the final 10% is to be paid.



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